Suicide, Awareness & Prevention

Reach OutIf you are having a difficult time, speak out and tell someone.  Seek help from family member, a close friend or someone from your inner circle.

Start ConversationYou may feel anxious or agitated, that’s normal.  Find a way to ask for help.  No matter how negative or uncomfortable the conversation is, the fact that you are having it is a positive thing.

Be honest & directExpress your feeling and what you are going through.  It is important for others to know the severity of the situation.  If you are thinking of harming yourself, be honest about those thoughts.  It takes courage to speak up and express your feelings.  You are not alone.

Accept supportGive your support person the opportunity to help.  You are love and cared about, allow that person to provide some relief for your loneliness.

Don’t Isolate yourselfYou may have a desire to disconnect from others. “DON’T“.  If you don’t want to reach out to someone you know, there are other options.  Many resources are available to intervene. assess & treat the problem.

Know your resourcesCrisis lines, counselors, intervention programs and more are available to you.  There are a lot of people who want to help you if you give them the opportunity.  Reach out to your closet community, non-profit organizations and your local government agency they are here for you and they want to help you.  Either call/visit them at anytime.